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ELIM Premium Hotel Management ERP


Elim Premium Hotel ERP Software is designed and developed, as a custom ERP system for the management of a Single property/Hotel that has multiple branches in different locations.

It offers the latest concept in Multi Branch hotel management system that puts hotel chains on the top of the world standards of hotel technology and operations. The concept is base on the idea of centralizing information and computer resources in order to improve significant selling processes and the control over all processes run in the hotels.

Elim Premium Hotel ERP Software is Online and Offline Cloud Hybrid Hotel Management System.
Elim Premium Hotel ERP Software is designed to work as Online and Offline Cloud Hybrid Hotel Management Software. It works Online when there is internet connectivity with Data merging directly to the Central Server. It works Offline when there is not internet but a transaction sinks to the Central Server when there is internet connectivity.

It is an exceptionally fast hotel software as compared to traditional web based application available in market. Our Web Server/Online Solutions is always up-to-date and available from anywhere provided the software instance is installed in the computer. .

Elim Premium Hotel ERP Software Manages Properties/Hotels
Spread Across Multiple Locations/Branches.

Data is critical for you to take decision. You need data from across the Hotel branches or locations; you need to know what is happening where. Elim Premium Hotel ERP Software offers great value when deployed as an cloud or on-premise system integrating locations: It is a smart rich client hotel management software application that will give you excellent look & feel, which normally you will never get in traditional regular web applications. We try to maintain same look & feel what you have experience for your regular desktop software but we also maintain cloud architecture so you get 100% mobility on all operating systems.

  • Easy information flow between branches, locations, departments and teams
  • Data of multiple branches automatically and instantly consolidated
  • Instant company-wide reports and analysis
  • Automatic execution of transactions between branches. Examples:
    (1) inventory in one branch delivered to fulfil orders in another branch
    (2) orders received in one branch executed by another branch
    (3) amounts receivable in one branch collected in another branch
  • A single chart of accounts, product list, price list at the head office. All branches use the same lists.
  • Branch or location-wise data segregation, so that users of a branch do not have access to data of other branches.
  • Tight security by role-based users rights and privileges to access specific parts of the software.
  • Manage software and systems only at central server, achieving huge reduction in costs.

Competitive Advantages
Elim Hotel Management solutions are designed from the effective hospitality management standpoint.(Best business practice and knowledge built-in products

  • Complete integration of different hotel departments with live two-way communication between module programs, such as package reservations, guest profile, guest history, guest loyalty status….
  • Numerous powerful product features.
  • Fully integrated hospitality solution " Elim Hotel ERP Software”, high level of integration (comprehensive interface options).
  • Highest standards of performance, reliability & security
  • Powerful reporting capability, and much more…

Image With Elim Premium Hotel ERP Software You will save time and resources; thanks to fully centralized processes with the following specific features of Hotel Management System.

We have a pool of experts in various disciplines in Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Computer Science and Marketing.. These personnel are thorough in their fields with hands-on experience in the field. etc. Our experts are also vast in systems and business process analysis. Therefore, they understudy every new client to clearly understand their business scenario / processes tO undergo any tangible software development.

  • It brings an all-in-one Hotel Management system with front office, POS Billing, Inventory Management, Financial Accounting, Payroll Management ,Fixed Assets management etc
  • Completely Multi –User Across branches or locations
  • Set up your own security levels. Allow users to access only what you want to them,
  • Manage and organize all your Guest Reservation, Guest check in and Guest check out
  • Single and Room check in, multiple advances and multiple rate and rate type support in single stay
  • Track Guest Bill in a single account from Room, Restaurant, Bar, laundry etc across all branches
  • Support Multiple POS: Multiple bar, Multiple restaurant etc
  • Flexible Rate Category 1> General Rate, 2>Agreed Rate( Corporate Rates & Member Guest rates)
  • Multi-Store/Sub Store Accounting
  • Cash/Bank Receipts and Payments,
  • Multi-Banks & Multi Cash Accounts, Bank Reconciliation,
  • Unlimited Cost & Profit Centers,
  • Flexible Classification of Chart of Accounts,
  • Consolidation of Hotel Data across Branches to a single database
  • Budgets & Controls View
  • Employee Information and Pay Structure Management
  • Detailed Human Resource Management Modules
  • Fixed Asset Register and auto depreciation Calculation
  • Receivable and Payable Reports,
  • Lookups & Balance Sheet, Trail and P/L Statements

Front & Back Office Automation

  • Room Management
  • Front Office Management & Reservation
  • Point Of Sales (Multiple Bar & Restaurant)
  • Banquet & Event Management
  • Housekeeping & laundry Management
  • Shift Management
  • Guest/Company Receivables Management
  • Inventory, Store & Purchasing
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Fixed Assets Management
  • Staff and Payroll Management
  • Budgeting & Planning
  • Club membership Management
  • Operations/Maintenance Management
  • Spa and Saloon Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Reports (Module Wise Reports provided)
  • Audit Trial Report
  • Keyless Entry/Door Lock Systems

Software Solutions

  • Integrated software program that runs off a single or multi-database enabling various hotel departments to automatically share information, communicate with each other and interact in real-time
  • Supporting unlimited room types, rate packages
  • No down-time night audit
  • Database-supported report design
  • Second to none: dynamic two-way communication/ interaction between software programs: front office, banquet, F&B, and all functional Back End System
  • Enabling comprehensive & Centralized hotel business management
  • Create your own price policy & have a complete control over your room rates on all sales channels
  • Work with real-time availability display, synchronized data & availability
  • Database and development technology allows features to adapt to each country’s government requirements including pricing adoption
  • User-definability enables the system to be customized to any hotel environment and size
  • On-premise deployment or SaaS deplyoment
  • Easy upgrade to multi-property or adding new modules as your business grows

Elim Business Ventures

We are a full-fledged Nigerian company, registered with all regulatory bodies in our induatry. Created to deliver pragmatic software solutions in business operations and processes in several fields of human endeavour like management, accounting and human resources management.

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